Faro Airport Taxi
Faro Airport Taxi
Faro Airport Taxi

Faro Airport Taxi

All The Information You’ll Need About Faro Airport Taxis

Faro airport is located just 4 kilometers (or roughly 2.5 miles) from the center of the city of Faro, and so it won’t be a very long taxi ride to get between the two destinations.

Faro Airport just has a single passenger terminal and the taxis will be waiting for passengers outside the arrivals part of the building. There should be signs within the airport directing you to this location, but you can ask a staff representative to help if you’re not able to find the taxis.

Only get in taxis that are parked outside the arrivals section of the airport terminal, and official taxis will be painted in beige, black, green or white – don’t get in any other vehicles, and ignore anyone that comes up to you inside the terminal and promises to give you a discount taxi ride.

You can expect the average journey to take just 10 minutes, but this can fluctuate depending on the time of day you’re traveling. If your flight lands during busy times like rush hour then you might have a longer wait for the taxi and a slower ride, totaling 20 minutes or more. But if you’re traveling at quieter times then the ride to your accommodation could take less than 10 minutes.

Faro Airport Taxis that pick up at the airport use meters, and this means that fares are calculated based on the total distance that you travel. If you’re getting a taxi to a hotel or other destination in downtown Faro then you can expect the fare to be about €15. However, if you are traveling a greater distance beyond the city then the final fare you’ll have to pay will likely be much higher.

Be aware that if you are traveling between the hours of 9pm and 6am then a more expensive evening fare will apply, which means that the cost will be above the standard daytime charge.

Tipping Faro Airport taxi drivers is not required, but many drivers do expect at least a few Euros from their passengers as a thank you for a safe and quick trip. If you believe the ride was comfortable and fair then you can tip your driver, but don’t if you think the journey was unsafe.

You will be able to get a taxi to pick you from the airport 24 hours a day, every day of the week, so it doesn’t matter if your flight is delayed and you end up arriving late in the evening. Just note that if you do land at such a time then your wait for a taxi may be longer than usual.

Most of the official taxis that serve the airport are typical four-door, five-seat cars but there are larger vans available if you’re traveling with a big group, or you can just get more than one regular taxi. And if you have any companions that have mobility issues then there are taxis available, but you might want to consider booking this type of taxi in advance of your flight.

Faro airport taxi fares – Prices

Weekdays 06h-21hWeekdays 21h-06hWeekends and Holidays
Mininum fare3,25€3,90€3,90€
Taxi moving0,94€ / km1,13€ / km1,13€ / km
Taxi idle0,25€ / min0,25€ / min0,25€ / min
Faro airport taxi fares – 8 passengers
Weekdays 06h-21hWeekdays 21h-06hWeekends and Holidays
Mininum fare3,25€3,90€3,90€
Taxi moving1,21€ / km1,45€ / km1,45€ / km
Taxi idle0,25€ / min0,25€ / min0,25€ / min
Use of taxi boot and / or roof rack1,60€
Transporting pets1,60€
Requesting a taxi by telephone0,80€
Tollsif applicable, costs will be supported by the customer.

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Tips And Tricks When Using Faro Airport Taxis

Although getting a taxi from Faro Airport can be relatively straightforward, there are some tips and tricks that can help you to prevent any possible problems and remove any stress.

You may want to just wait until you land at the airport and then try to get a taxi outside, but it’s also possible to book your taxi ride in advance. One benefit of doing this is that the driver will monitor your flight and so in the event that it is delayed and arrives many hours later, the driver will know this is happening and adjust their pickup time and be there when you land.

Taxi rides from the airport to Faro or anywhere else in Portugal are charged per vehicle, and not per person, so you should dispute the fare with the driver if they try to make everyone in your group pay the same fare – it should just be a single fare no matter the size of your group.

There is no guarantee that your airport taxi driver will be able to accept payment using a major credit card, so you should travel with more than enough Euros to cover the cost of the trip.

If you would rather take a rideshare service than a traditional taxi, you can use the apps Cabify and Uber at Faro Airport and a one-way ride to Faro is typically around €10. If you decide to use this alternative to a taxi then you will also meet your driver outside the terminal’s arrivals area.

The only surcharge that drivers typically charge is for rides at night, but be aware that you might have to pay an oversized luggage fee if you are transporting certain larger items.

Tips to avoid scams with Faro Airport taxis

The vast majority of taxi drivers who might pick you up at Faro Airport are honest and friendly. But sadly there are a few that will try to scam you in certain ways, such as taking you on a very long route to your hotel or other destination that results in an unnecessarily large fare. These tips can be useful in helping you to known about and avoid certain taxi scams

Before your flight, research online to find the quickest route from the airport to your destination in Faro and then print out or write down these details. Show this route to your driver and insist that they follow it, as this will prevent being taken the long way.

Make sure that the taxi meter is working correctly before the journey from the airport begins, and that it has been reset from the previous ride. Also keep an eye on the meter during the trip, and tell the driver if you notice the price appears to be rising too quickly.

Never accept a ride from anyone that comes up to your inside the airport and claims to offer cheaper journeys to Faro. These are unlicensed and unauthorized drivers, and their insurance won’t pay for your expenses if they have an accident while you’re in the car

Booking a Reliable Faro Airport Taxi Service

To ensure a smooth arrival or departure in Faro, it is advisable to book a taxi service in advance. Doing so will save you valuable time and minimize stress upon arriving at the airport.

Reserve your taxi at least 24 to 48 hours before your scheduled flight arrival or departure. Provide details about your flight number, arrival or departure time, number of passengers and any special needs. The taxi service will confirm your booking via email and may contact you again 24 hours prior to your trip. To Check price or to Pre-book your Faro Airport Taxi please click here

Faro Airport Taxi FAQ

The usual travel time from the airport to the city is about 10 minutes, but it can be speedier at quieter periods such as early in the morning, or slower at rush hour and other peak times.

Yes, the taxi companies that operate at the airport allow you to call or email them to book a pickup in advance of taking your flight. A benefit of booking ahead is that the driver will track your flight and adjust the pickup time to meet you even if your flight suffers a delay.

Taxis that are authorized to pick up passengers from the airport will charge fares using a meter, which is calculated on distance, so the longer the journey, the more expensive the fare.

Generally you can expect to spend about €15 to get from Faro Airport to the city’s downtown, but the fare will be higher if your final destination is located further away.

Yes, the price of a ride from Faro Airport to anywhere in Portugal increases between the hours of 9pm and 6am. There’s also an additional fee that taxi drivers are allowed to impose if you are traveling with oversized luggage that exceeds a certain height, weight and width.

Although some taxi drivers might be able to accept your credit card to pay for the ride, others will not and therefore you should have sufficient Euros in cash that you can use for payment.

You can, and it’s considered a nice gesture to give your taxi driver a few Euros in cash if you believe that they provided a stress-free, swift and comfortable ride. But there is no mandate that you tip your driver, and you certainly should not if you found the journey to be unsafe.

Yes, there is a requirement in place that all taxis which pick passengers up at Faro Airport must have a baby seat in their car, and your child can use this during the ride. Note however that this rule generally doesn’t apply to the ridesharing services Cabify and Uber.


(average charge – all included by a Private Transfer) From Naxos Airport.

Parikia Town (Capital)48€
Paros Port48€

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