Faro Airport Facilities

Faro airport is a relatively small scale airport. It has steadily grown with the growth of tourism in the areas around Faro. The ever increasing number of passengers has necessitated the installation of some essential facilities that will ensure a comfortable time for the passengers using the airport. With the current ongoing renovations, these facilities are being improved on.

Shops and Duty Free Shops

There are many shops within the airport offering a variety of products. From clothing to jewellery, the variety is wide enough to let you obtain the basic components you forgot to pack while setting off. There are also duty free outlets where you can fulfil your shopping needs. Some of these shops include Relay Books, La Lojas Leirialgarve and I Santi Portugal Clothing.


The Banco Totta e Acores bank is present within the airport terminal. ATM services are also available for those who would like to get more liquid. If you are looking to exchange currency, there is a bureau de change to assist you in making the change.


If you wish to hold a quick meeting while still at the airport, there is a conference room that can host up to 65 people. The room is fully equipped with telephone, fax, TV and video facilities. Feel free to contact the airport in order to book the venue for a meeting.

Disabled People

There are facilities within the airport meant to serve disabled people. The airport has ramps and lifts to improve on manoeuvrability. There are also toilets for disabled people all over the airport. Reserved parking spaces are available opposite the terminal to allow for easy access.

Cafes and Restaurants

There are eating places strewn all over the airport. These offer lots of snacks and fast drinks that can be taken on the go. They also offer fabulous waiting places. For more solid meals, there are restaurants where one can obtain a meal to fill the stomach.


There is a lost items desk within the terminal.


There are long-term and short term parking facilities available at the airport.

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