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It is difficult to draw a single characteristic of Faro City in the Algarve district of Portugal. It is a nice blend of history and modernity. The town being a University town makes it come alive with the vibrant activity of the university students.

Faro came into being when during the Palaeolithic age when human occupants were attracted to the Ria Formosa lagoon. During the Roman occupation, a settlement known as Ossonoba grew within this area. This is believed to be the origin of Faro. From the 3rd Century, it was a site of the Episcopal see during the Visigothic era. In the 8th Century it came under Moorish rule. At this time, the name changed to Santa Maria from Ossonoba. The Portugese King Afonso III defeated the Moors and took over the town in 1249. The town came to be the administrative capital of the Algarve area after a tsunami struck most of the southern cities back in the 17th Century. The sandy beaches of Faro saved it from destruction.

The old section of Faro offers a brilliant site seeing spot. Modernity has hardly gotten to this area and most of the buildings have the Moorish or 18th Century Portuguese architectural look. This part of the city is still contained within the Roman walls that were built in the 9th Century. Some of the places one should not miss include Faro Jewish Heritage Centre, The "golden" church of Nossa Senhora do Carmo and the nature reserve, Ria Formosa.

The city has several sites worth visiting. It has a rich history and has grown into a popular summer vacation spot for many tourists from all over Europe. The presence of the university within the town results in a bustling night life. Its sandy beaches are another piece of attraction that one would like to visit. They form the ideal getaway during vacations. Be sure to check out the various food stores and restaurants for the local cakes and desserts. The dance clubs will surely complete your visit.
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